3D print results

By Haas_nl on Saturday 14 January 2017 19:38 - Comments (25)
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So far pretty happy with the results.
I have seen a lot of complaints on the internet about bed leveling, that had to be done every time.
The result of a too high bed-level, is that the print are coming lose of the bed. The result of that is that you can start over again and throw the print away.

To fix this I simple replace the default Z-axis calibration with a better one from thingverse (which I printed off course).

And I have no issues at all.
Now printing 4 replacement legs, since the default ones are shit.
Also added a IP camera so I can check regular from my phone or computer.
And ordered some more filament!

3D printer build finished nl

Door Haas_nl op zaterdag 7 januari 2017 13:01 - Reacties (6)
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So Last blog I was still at the Y-carriage, but since the lack of interest on Tweakers, I had a lack of motivation on making another blog.

Apparently as seen in my first 3D printer blog, a box is more interesting for Tweakers than building a 3D printer.
Well I can understand how youtubers feel when someone that only uploads 1000 degree knifes video's get 64 million views, and some semi-professional Futurama fan made film only gets around 700.000 views.

Life isn't fair.

But the blog was just an experiment. It failed lessons learned.
Now I am not about to end the blog, that is probably a bit to early.
I am just going to put less effort in the text, and use more pictures.

So lets start...
The printer first print

Render of the finished CAD model:
3D printer finished
You can download the CAD file here: